Deploy Looted-Art Detector

Make it easy for anyone to use the Looted-art Detector we created at last year's Glamhack2020.

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The goal is to create an easy-to-use online tool that analyses provenance texts for key indicators: UNCERTAINTY, UNRELIABILITY, ANONYMITY and RED FLAG.

The user uploads the file to analyse, and the tool enhances the file with quantitative information about the provenance texts.

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Event finished

17.04.2021 17:30

The site is live at !

17.04.2021 14:36 ~ rae_knowler

Worked on documentation

17.04.2021 14:24 ~ LaZu

Team forming

rae_knowler has joined!

17.04.2021 13:10

Event started

16.04.2021 08:30

Team forming

LaZu has joined!

16.04.2021 05:18

Project started

Initialized by LaZu 🎉

16.04.2021 05:18

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