Nachtschicht 21 a 3D, Virtual Reality & Art Exhibition

We want to showcase the artworks of swiss contemporary artists in a VR space.

Nachtschicht21 (GLAMHACK2021)

  • Interactive Virtual Reality 3d Exhibition


Explore and discover the possibilities of A frame has to offer for a VR immersive experience.

Project Description

The initial concept was to transform the content from the website Nachtsicht21 into a more immersive experience with the use of Virtual reality visualisation means.

After some discussion, the team decided to bring the user in a space framework and to dispose paintings in this colourfull environment such as if they were forming a new constellation.

In addition, some animation were associated to each painting to allow the visitor to better appreciate the images on the the panels.


Here are some screenshots from the designing process of the VR environment:

alt text

alt text


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Nachtschicht21 is curating artworks of young swiss contemporary artists. During this hackathon we'd like to create beside the gallery exhibition, which will start on the 11.5.2021, a VR space, in which the works can be made accessible to everyone around the globe. This we plan to do with A Frame.

Data to work with during the two days hackathon:

SoMe-channel of Nachtschicht 21

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