Linked Open Argovian Creators

Use Argovian creators' data from Wikidata, GND and library catalogues to make them and their work more visible, searchable, and reusable.

#GLAMhack 2022 - Onboarding Session

RESCHEDULED: Project Linked Open Argovian Creators

Due to a time constraint, the data for this challenge could not be fully prepared. We would be happy to provide our data set at the next GLAMhack. Thank you for your understanding.

The Aargau Cantonal Library defines as an authority which creators are considered "Aargauer" or have a strong enough connection to Aargau for their works to be systematically collected (including writers, composers and film directors). To accomplish this task, the library maintains, on the one hand, an internal list of names of these persons, which it is currently enriching with GND IDs. On the other hand, it maintains the Aargau Bibliography in its primo discovery.

We intend to upload this name list to Wikidata so that it can be used in the context of GLAMhack 2022. Our goal is to make the regional cultural output and also our work as a patrimonial institution more visible. As an output, we can imagine three things:

1) historical, geographical, thematic visualizations of the data on creators and their works (link between Wikidata and linked open bibliographic data like in library catalogues). For example using Primo Discovery.

2) create a novel search entry point beside our classic primo discovery to facilitate the exploration of regional cultural creation, analogous to the Collection Explorer the Bodleian Libraries had offered until recently ( using the Z39.50 interface

3) the development of a portal on Aargauer cultural creation, analogous to, but purely Wikidata- and Wikipedia-driven (we would use this, among other things, to drive the writing and addition of Wikipedia articles).






Name Instance of Occupation or evtl. Occupation Part of GND ID
Ackermann, Daniela Human Creator Writer Aargauer Bibliographie
Ackermann, Irene Laura'Adjana Human Creator Writer Aargauer Bibliographie
Ackle, Hendrix Human Creator Musician Aargauer Bibliographie 1211370135
Adamantos, Amon Human Creator Writer Aargauer Bibliographie
Aeppli, Eva Human Creator Writer Aargauer Bibliographie 119173670
Aeschbach, Maia Human Creator Writer Aargauer Bibliographie 120718847
Aeschbach, Urs Human Creator Writer Aargauer Bibliographie 124020941
Aeschlimann, Heinz Human Creator Film Director Aargauer Bibliographie 1145664377
Affolter, Otto Human Creator Writer Aargauer Bibliographie
AiB & Schpöugroppe Musical group Aargauer Bibliographie
Al Pride Musical group Aargauer Bibliographie 1213044928

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