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Introducing some of the tools to analyse, browse and query Wikidata


(a.k.a. Wikidata Class Browser)

This repository contains the code for the SQID Wikidata Browser. You can use the application online without installing anything.

Submitting comments, bug reports, feature requests

Use the SQID Issues page on github to report issues and to find out if your issue is already known or even being worked on.


You do not normally need to install this yourself, since it is a Web application that you can use in your browser. Developers who want to change the code should have a local copy that runs though. This is farily easy:

  • Download the files. To install dependencies, run npm install. For local development, use npm run serve, which will start a local web server serving the application. For production builds, use npm run build and make the dist/ directory available using your local web server.
  • Get some data. You can copy the example json data files from src/data/exampleData to src/data/ to get started. You can update these files by running the Python script under helpers/python from this directory, but this will not recreate all statistics. You can also download most recent updated json files.
  • Optionally recreate all statistics. The program to do this is the java "sqid-helper" under helpers/java, using Wikidata Toolkit. The main code is in The code is invoked by using the command-line client (running the client will show a help message that includes this action).

Deployment on Wikimedia Toolforge

An ansible playbook for deployment on Toolforge is available in helpers/ansible, run ansible-playbook -i production site.yml to build the java helper package and the app bundle, and deploy them to Toolforge. Use ansible-playbook -i production site.yml --tags all,clean to also force a clean rebuild.


The code in this repository is released under the Apache 2.0 license. External libraries used may have their own licensing terms.

Living Herbarium
GLAMhack 2022 Clean

(2+6) Connecting the Herbarium to Wikidata around playful experiences and storytelling

This was presented as Challenge 2 at #GLAMhack 2022, and being worked on in the project above.


SQID is a project of the Knowledge-Based Systems Group of TU Dresden, based on Wikidata Toolkit & Wikidata SPARQL Query. There are currently a number of issues (e.g. Fix styling #146) involving the design and usability of this tool. It is perhaps one of the more accessible projects for designers wishing to contribute to Wikidata, and is currently hosted on GitHub.

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Screenshot of SQID:

 Screenshot of SQID

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