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Art exhibitions, 1945-2020

A user-friendly interface to visualize exhibition data from on a map


This project aims to create a friendly user interface to visualize and interact with a dataset of 50'000 exhibitions from on a world map.


This is a project realized by Ishan Mishra, using a dataset from the Swiss Institute for Art Research (SIK-ISEA) which contains about 50'000 art exhibitions from, the online lexicon of SIK-ISEA documenting the activities of artists related to Switzerland, either through nationality or through sustained artistic activity in Switzerland.


The dataset lists each of the 50'000 exhibitions title, start and end date, name of hosting institution, names of participating artists who are documented in SIKART, latitude and longitude data for the exhibition location and link to the respective exhibition entry in SIKART. The dataset is openly available in CSV format here:

First draft

A first draft focused on visualizing the density of exhibition activity per year:!/vizhome/Artexhibitionsannually/ArtExhibtionsAnnually?publish=yes

Final version

The final result of the hackathon displays the exhibitions on a map and allows the user to filter exhibitions by start and end dates, by artist, and by type of exhibition. It also lists the amount of exhibitions per artist for the filtered result on a chart next to the map:!/vizhome/ArtExhibition1945-2020/ArtistDashboard?publish=yes

Note on final version and further development

Projects shown through the web version of Tableau Public respond quite slowly to user input like filter changes. The Tableau Public workbook can be downloaded at the above link and opened locally which makes the map much more responsive and also allows for changes to the workbook. Tableau Public was chosen as a freely available software to also allow for further work on the project by those who are interested. The dataset from the link above is also free to be used.


Tableau Public, Open Refine, CSV


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