Collection Chatbot: Silverfish

Friendly chat bot to guide you through the collection

Interactive chatbot which guides you through the collection and recommends object based on user-input. Narration driven experience of the collection.


What we achieved

  • Prototype running on telegram
  • Data: Dataset SKKG small selection of objects of famous people two stories:
    • Sisi
    • historical drinking habits
  • Show images
  • Show links (eg. wikipedia)

ToDo / long term vision

  • automation (generate text from keywords)
  • Gamification
    • Memory: Ask people to select similar objects and compete against each other
    • Questions: Allow people to guess the right answer
  • different backend? website integration
  • easy UI to manage stories etc.
  • integration into collection database (Museum Plus RIA)
  • more stories
  • mix automated content with curated content (e.g. if there are new objects in the collection to tell a story)

Try prototype:

(if you get stuck: "/start" to restart)

For documentation see: GitHub

Contact: Lea Peterer (

Team: Lea, Micha, Yaw, Randal, Dominic


---- Old Pitch below ----

The Stiftung für Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte (SKKG) owns a large collection of historical objects: From General Franco's toothpick holder to Sisi's piano to the spinning wheel from Appenzell.

The data on the objects consists of the name, the genre, the date, the material, the dimensions and a photograph of the object. The goal is to present this data visually or to find new contextualizations and connections within the data. There are no limits to creativity.

The data sets are:

  • selection of objects that are said to have belonged to known persons. Link

  • collection of crossbows. Link

  • collection of objects that came from a former Appenzeller museum. Link

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