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Fuori le mura / Outside the walls

Challenge: COVID19 is restricting and changing the way we can access buildings and we can experience space. For safety reasons, access to museums and cultural sites is strictly regulated and complex.

Vision: The outdoors represent a meaningful extension of museums and cultural sites. Connecting a building with the outdoors allows a different experience of the museum, its physical space and its collection.

Objective: Visualizing the ecosystem of connections of museums and cultural sites, by linking the building of the museum and cultural site to the outdoors. Combining data related to the collections to the original location of the objects, existing itineraries, potential venues, morphology of the territory, municipalities, mobility, infrastructure. Generating opportunities to create new itineraries (i.e. ethnographic, artistic, historical itineraries…) and new temporary exhibitions, dislocation of objects… We will focus on Ticino and on a series of examples.

Data available

Data we are currently uploading on openswiss.data

List of cultural operators in Ticino released by Osservatorio culturale del Cantone Ticino (DECS, Repubblica e Cantone Ticino) https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Raduni/Prova_il_tasto_modifica/Elenco

Data on Val Piora released by the Cantonal Museum of Natural History of Lugano (rocks, flora, fauna, landscape, water)

Data on the Verzasca Valley released by the Museum of Val Verzasca (ethnographic itineraries, past exhibitions, museum collection)

Data on Leventina released Museum of Leventina (museum collection, past exhibitions)

Data on Neuralrope#1, permanent interactive installation at the pedestrian tunnel of Besso, Lugano, released by the municipality of Lugano (interaction of the public and daily passages).

We have already uploaded in 2018

On OpenStreetMap the repository made by the Osservatorio culturale del Cantone Ticino enriched with locations suggested by citizens

On Wikidata a selection of cultural institutions part of the repository made by Osservatorio culturale del Cantone Ticino

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