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Added screenshots, social posts and clips to all projects.

1 week ago ~ loleg

Returning home - huge thanks to the fantastic #Supsi and #Glamhack2022 team!

2 weeks ago ~ twb

Final presentation done: Thx to the #Glamhack2022!

2 weeks ago ~ twb

Group picture taken. :)

2 weeks ago ~ twb

Presentation ready: Let's go for it.

2 weeks ago ~ twb

Preparing the finale presentation...

2 weeks ago ~ liowalter

developing still!

2 weeks ago ~ Darienne

Just updating for the group :)

2 weeks ago ~ Darienne

The data is now inserted in Wikidata, though not in the ideal format, and we are still working on adding more of the schema. An initial map based on a quick & dirty Data Package API is working.

2 weeks ago ~ loleg

We have set up an instance of eScriptorium that's available online, and we've found a collection of images that might be relevant to our question. Now we're training an OCR model on those images in eScriptorium.

2 weeks ago ~ rae_knowler

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