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training the model

6 months ago ~ ruk_ethbib

We have created a website as a multilingual tutorial depository website where users can download and upload tutorials.

6 months ago ~ GLAMoperator

data is being refined and we are preparing for it to be visualized in some form

6 months ago ~ TabeaBuri

A beta version has been deployed is being tested.

6 months ago ~ twb

Roberta Padlina has joined the team.

6 months ago ~ twb

helvetiX v0.1 has gone live at

6 months ago ~ twb

We're writing a cookbook for a 1) deluxe (within Pattypan) or 2) economy (outside Pattypan, i.e. OpenRefine?) solution

6 months ago ~ nicole_graf

Programming & concepting

6 months ago ~ Dominic


6 months ago ~ Dominic

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