Add Traditional Knowledge labels to Wikimedia Commons

Can Traditional Knowledge labels be added to Wikimedia Commons? What are the challenges? Let's work with Local Contexts!


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Traditional Knowledge labels (TK Labels) are an initiative for Indigenous communities and local organizations that allows them to express conditions for sharing their materials and engage in research in ways that respect community rules, governance and protocols for using, sharing and circulating knowledge and data.

The set of tools for communities includes additionally Biocultural (BC) Labels that are used to define expectations about appropriate use of biocultural collections and data.

The Notices are tools for institutions and researchers to identify Indigenous collections and data and recognize Indigenous rights and interests.

How can these labels be used on Wikimedia Commons? How would adding them be administered? Who can add a label? How is adding them managed in practice?

Corrie Roe from Local Contexts can join the discussion on Friday at 15:00 or 16:00 CEST.


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