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Each year, the GLAMhack brings to life fascinating projects created by fascinating people! Before the hackathon, the participants usually don't know what to expect. After the hackathon, their minds are full of inspiration, new ideas and good memories (at least we hope so).

People who have never been to a hackathon often find it very difficult to imagine what actually "happens" during the event and that usually represents an obstacle for them to make the big step and participate for the first time. This challenge wants to solve this situation by providing a aftermovie of the hackathon's atmosphere, of the teams and their interactions, of the projects and the processes involved towards their realisation.

Challenge: Create an aftermovie of the GLAMhack20! The aftermovie should be fun to watch and give an idea of the hackathon's essence to people who have never been to a GLAMhack.

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