e-rara: Spatial focuses of ETH-Professors

Showing where ETH-professors got their knowledge from

Various publications by former ETH professors can be found on e-rara.ch. The locations in those publications can be used to identify key research areas or locations of great interest to these professors. The representation on a virtual map is intended to provide information about what the spatial focuses of ETH professors in the second half of the 19th century were and whether they have changed over time.

Using Named Entity Recognition (NER), locations (possibly also people) are to be taken from the available full texts and represented by linked data and web mapping. Only publications (without bibliographies) by ETH professors in the period before 1900 are used for the challenge.

The virtual map should be able to be structured using filter options such as persons, time (year), location, frequency, etc.

285 fulltexts from e-rara.ch
Collection of Books from ETH-professors on e-rara: https://www.e-rara.ch/nav/classification/16094449
OAI: https://www.e-rara.ch/oai/?verb=Identify

Team Rare Books and Maps ETH Library
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