Fresh perspective onto historic collections

Open source image collection of the Swiss National Library

The Swiss National Library would like to gather experiences in visualizing and contextualizing big image collections (like graphics, photographies, architectural plans, maybe even texts) either by using keywords based on thesauri of geographic names and name authorities, or by looking for similarities in color or form.

In Wikimedia Commons...

... and How?
  • I.e. use existing tools like Vikus Viewer
  • Look for tools, which allow the visualization of historic routes on interactive maps by integrating georeferenced images
  • Try to find so-called “Kodak-Points” of the 16th/17th century - points of special (touristic) interest - by placing georeferenced images on an interactive map.

Title Vikus Viewer allows to arrange big collections of images on a dynamic canvas and supports the exploration of thematic and material patterns on a timeline.

eMail to ... the Prints and Drawings Department (PDD) of the Swiss National Library

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