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Hi. I am Vladimir Kuparinen, live in Espoo, Finland. I am printing engineer & int’l entrepreneur, according to my Master degrees. I love books & implement info-logistic solutions at National scale. I have the shocking story for you today, about books. But with happy end, if you help me. PROBLEM. 2 weeks back Washington Post announced: Amazon bans ebook sales to public libraries. I know exactly that this threat by the world most powerful company is real. Kills our dignity&Learning. My SOLUTION: books as Common Good, Triple-A books: here&now Available - VIP Accessible - for all Affordable. By depriving us from Common Good Learning, A. forks society dev’t from Good to Evil. Tuukka Ylälahti may explain how fiat money/GAFAM data economy strangulates our intrinsic values. I call my idea IndiviDUALbooks (DUAL). As I understood in course of my ongoing research since 2018, ebook is only a derogative of a meta book; meta book = paper format + its digital twins BOTH, ≠ ‘OR’. In 21st century books are born digital, and digitization of paper books (by scanning) makes the world heritage accessible for all, in minutes. And makes meta book flow controllable via book digital twins. Amazon knows: in digital era, library connects author&reader better than publishers’ forProfit model Amazon understands: access to books can be controlled by them who controls meta book data aka ebooks Amazon decided to strangulate its competitor (lying that libraries cannibalize book sales), by using ebook as the lever, to control book sales, by owning meta-book flows & thus killing access to Learning*. Amazon: you can’t borrow ebook, must buy from me! In the US people deprived of library by A’s ban appeal to legislators. But big US publishers & Authors Guild applied to court against Internet Archive for scanning paper books & loaning its e-copy during pandemic. IndiviDUALbook business model means local SELF-PRINTING books in2taps. It’s the seamless tool protecting dignity for billions people, by INCENTIVES: - book gift to volunteers who #Scan3Books4PlanS = 15 min/book, like Internet Archive - JoyOfGiftGiving ŒBœks by volunteer to vulnerable people, like VIP, immigrant, poor - User journey is in2taps at the library website’s AR-Button, that we add to book AI-app: - when the needed book is not available from a local library website, its DUAL metabook is printed on-demand in one unique copy, adjusted to the unique user issue & home-delivered. That’s our product: DUAL book jacket/envelope cutting logistic costs & CO². - We leverage EU’s FAIR dealing (FAIR use in US), legal exemptions from the copyright restrictions. It became possible thanks to our latest SecurePrinting technology of DUAL - combined with the latest approach in EU: Disposable Yet Official Identities, similar to eIDAS, anonymous Authentication Of Right to Service, secured by our always offline SmartPaper forms - providing guaranteed book author royalties, like via Spotify for music authors - for Visually Impaired People and for other vulnerable & digitally excluded people - and for anyone per Finnish Copyright Act: by right to copy books for PRIVATE USE. Mikko Vainio, Director of Libraries / City of Vantaa Board Member: “IndiviDUALbooks solve the biggest hinder, how to handle IPR - in FAIR & legal way". The draft law, that will make ebook library loans equal to paper book's is from 12.3.2021 in Finnish Parliament: 26 cents are paid from every paper book loan, transferred to authors, via Finnish state fund. Our secure last mile biz.model protects global access to Learning books & royalties via Nordics.

Let’s fund Spotify for books - like we fund public libraries by our taxes - but 50% more effective!

🎯 Goals

My project is very ambitious, like Gutenberg's, to enable Triple-A books: - Available - Affordable - Accessible

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Welcome to IndiviDUAL books: touch & stream YOUR books in2taps!

2 years ago