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Link MEG Objects and the corresponding letters to improve provenance information


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In the archives of the City of Geneva, there are a lot of letters from the MEG or to the MEG which include information about MEG Objects. Most of these letters have been digitized. By linking the objects to the corresponding letters, the information about the provenance of the objects could be improved.


Idea on How to proceed

For this object


There is a mention of J. Debarge in the field "Collection particulière".

In the index of letters, there are a couple of letters from Josette Debarge originating from Cameroun in ~1931

Capture décran du 20230920 173709.png

Here is a letter about this object.

Capture décran du 20230921 180628.png

Capture décran du 20230921 180651.png

But the letter is sent to Mosé Yéyap which is mentioned in the old inventory

Capture décran du 20230921 181054.png


  • The names are not written in the same way (see above : J. Debarge in the MEG Metadata and DEBARGE, Josette, Dr in the index of the letters
  • There are a lot of letters, so it is not easy to guess which one has relevant information (maybe the date of the letter and the date of the entry of the object in the collection could help)

Possible Outputs

  • A small website which could display the objects and the relevant letters (and link them). Maybe with some additional information about the persons who wrote the letters
  • A data table with the possible links
  • An extraction of the letters which have information about objects
  • ...

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We are using OpenRefine and Excel (no VBA) to clean up donator names and dates. The donators will later function as connection between the list of objects and the list of letters.

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