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Active projects and challenges as of 18.07.2024 14:17.

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Collection Chatbot: Silverfish

Friendly chat bot to guide you through the collection

Culture In-Time 2

Simple event calendar for public viewing of performing arts productions past and future.

Deploy Looted-Art Detector

Make it easy for anyone to use the Looted-art Detector we created at last year's Glamhack2020.

e-rara: Recognizing mathematical Formulas and Tables

helvetiX: An XR guide to Helvetia

The ancient Romans had accurate maps of Europe, but no navigation devices yet. helevetiX now provides one.

Nachtschicht 21 a 3D, Virtual Reality & Art Exhibition

We want to showcase the artworks of swiss contemporary artists in a VR space.

St. Galler Globus

Conceptualizing Interactive Narratives for a "Scientainment" Audience

The Pellaton Experience

Turning oral history into an interactive information network

The scene lives!

Opening a dataset of underground multimedia art

WikiCommons metadata analysis tool

A metadata analysis tool comparing metadata of GLAM source systems with Wikimedia Commons.

Wikidata Tutorial Factory

Or how to efficiently produce Wikidata tutorials for heritage institutions


1971 and all that - Women’s Right to Vote in Switzerland

How did the discourses around the women's suffrage evolve over time in Switzerland?


Automatically generate an overview of large archived datasets

A walk trough Zurich around 1910

Following the paths of Friedrich Ruef-Hirt discovering his fascinating photographs taken between 1905 and 1910.

heARTful – Art & Emotions

Dicovering artworks through emotions

Making digitised scores audible

The spatial evolvement of a Museums’ collection

How did geopolitics and scientific interests affect provenances in a collection of 75 000 European artefacts?