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1971 and all that - Women’s Right to Vote in Switzerland

How did the discourses around the women's suffrage evolve over time in Switzerland?


Automatically generate an overview of large archived datasets

A walk trough Zurich around 1910

Following the paths of Friedrich Ruef-Hirt discovering his fascinating photographs taken between 1905 and 1910.

Collection Chatbot: Silverfish

Friendly chat bot to guide you through the collection

Culture In-Time 2

Simple event calendar for public viewing of performing arts productions past and future.

Deploy Looted-Art Detector

Make it easy for anyone to use the Looted-art Detector we created at last year's Glamhack2020.

e-rara: Recognizing mathematical Formulas and Tables

The ETH Library enables access to a large number of scientific titles on, which are provided with OCR. However, these old prints often also contain mathematical formulas and tables. Such content is largely lost during OCR processing,...

heARTful – Art & Emotions

Dicovering artworks through emotions

helvetiX: An XR guide to Helvetia

The ancient Romans had accurate maps of Europe, but no navigation devices yet. helevetiX now provides one.

Making digitised scores audible

The Zentralbibliothek Zurich and several other Libraries in Switzerland own large numbers of music scores. Several of these scores are accessible via the digital platforms...

Nachtschicht 21 a 3D, Virtual Reality & Art Exhibition

We want to showcase the artworks of swiss contemporary artists in a VR space.

St. Galler Globus

Conceptualizing Interactive Narratives for a "Scientainment" Audience

The Pellaton Experience

Turning oral history into an interactive information network

The spatial evolvement of a Museums’ collection

How did geopolitics and scientific interests affect provenances in a collection of 75 000 European artefacts?

WikiCommons metadata analysis tool

A metadata analysis tool comparing metadata of GLAM source systems with Wikimedia Commons.

Wikidata Tutorial Factory

Or how to efficiently produce Wikidata tutorials for heritage institutions