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A data entry wizard with a friendly user interface to guide users in applying the correct classes and properties.

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The Problem

Many domain experts are willing to manually contribute data, but have limited knowledge of data modelling best practices. Although a domain expert has excellent domain knowledge, it is difficult to enter data accurately and consistently unless they have prior experience with the ontology. This excludes many potential contributors and sometimes leads to incompatible and unusable sets of data.

The Challenge

This challenge is to build a user interface to guide users when entering data, specifically around performing arts performances, productions and works. Ideally the fields to capture data are driven by SHACL shape definitions or a similar data based language. Questions guide the user to select the correct class and properties as they enter their data. Options and suggestions are made as the user progresses. Here is an example of a friendly form with the ability to branch out based on answers to previous questions.


The goal is reached when 2 different people (without prior experience with the ontology) are given the same textual description (a group of related performances, productions and works) end up utilizing the data model in the same way and obtain the same results.

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