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Active projects and challenges as of 18.07.2024 14:07.

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1914 in a Timeline

In this project, we are translating articles of two french-speaking newspapers from Switzerland from 1914 into German.

Art exhibitions, 1945-2020

A user-friendly interface to visualize exhibition data from on a map

Culture in Time

Cultural Calendar using existing LOD on past and future productions, venues, artists, and works.

Europa meets Europe

Art project that connects the Jupiter moon Europa with the continent Europe thru the help of APIs.

Georeferencing and linking digitized archival Documents

#GLAMhack Aftermovie

Create an insight into the GLAMhack20 for the broad audience

GLAM Inventory

An inventory of all Swiss GLAM institutions


We'd like to introduce the best matching mountain according to the users needs.


Try to find on old photos the places, where they were taken and recreate it.

Sir Dridbot Glamhacker

Surfacing archival open data with chatbots


swissAR is an augmented reality web app displaying relevant information about the user's surroundings.

Swiss Name Chart

We connect names out of a data set and integrate the data into a map of Switzerland or some other visual form of a map.

Text Analysis Challenge: Detect Looted Art.

Help Automate Analysis, Flagging and Ranking of Museum Art Provenance Texts by the Probability of a Hidden History


Extra Moenia

Fuori le mura / Outside the walls

Interactive Storytelling Across Generations

Developing digital learning in creative subjects